• 1303/2013

    Capitalising on the Cloud within Europe

    The potential for cloud services and their impact on how data can be utilised is huge, but a concern remains that the possibilities these services enable are inhibited by the patchwork of EU legislation that relates to e-services. Peter Howitt examines this concern and suggests solutions at an EU level to help enable the full potential not only of the cloud but of e-commerce services in general. This article was published on the ecommerce law & policy subscription service. The article will be republished in full next month here - with the kind permission of the publishers.

  • 1801/2013

    Welcome to Jessica Calvert

    Welcome to Jessica

    Jessica Calvert  has been welcomed by the Ramparts team in January 2013. Jessica qualified in the UK in 2005 at an international law firm where her focus was on large scale commercial contracts, particularly in relation to private finance initiative projects. Following her relocation in 2011, Jessica worked at a local law firm advising a wide variety of clients on litigation matters. Jessica is delighted to now focus her skills within the European e-commerce and financial services sectors, especially given the importance of those sectors to Gibraltar.

  • 2311/2012

    Welcome to David Borge

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that David Borge has joined the Ramparts team this week. David joins Ramparts with a focus on cross-jurisdictional tax, intellectual property and payments and further develops the diverse staffing portfolio at Ramparts... David hails from Gibraltar. David's experience as a lawyer, as well as the more commercial side of his former life, will be an asset to Ramparts and its clients.

  • 1910/2012

    Gibraltar Electronic Money Association (GEMA)

    We are delighted to announce the establishment of GEMA, the Gibraltar E-Money Association

    Business leaders within Gibraltar’s online payment community unite to achieve common goals

    GIBRALTAR’S fast-growing reputation as a leading online payments jurisdiction was further endorsed this month with the founding of the Gibraltar Electronic Money Association (GEMA).

    Members of an already thriving online payments business community in Gibraltar have formed the association to champion Gibraltar as the location of choice for global Payment Service Providers (PSPs), wishing to benefit from Gibraltar’s unique position within Europe.

  • 1210/2012

    Welcome to Monika Thys

    Welcome to Monika

    It is with great pleasure that we wish to announce that Monika Thys recently joined Ramparts as our Practice Manager to help manage and develop the growing practice. In addition, Monika's European experience of assisting clients manage regulated projects and programs in multiple languages and territories should be a great value-add to offer our clients and to help manage European projects for our clients.  

  • 0309/2012

    Ramparts Launch Party

    Launch Party invites will be emailed and posted this week. We hope you can join us.

  • 3107/2012

    Prepaid International Forum

    Ramparts is delighted to announce that the Prepaid International Forum have invited Peter Howitt to be a panellist at this year's summit in London.

  • 3107/2012

    Prepaid International Forum

    Ramparts is delighted to announce that the Prepaid International Forum have invited Peter Howitt to be a panellist at this year's summit in London.

  • 1605/2012

    HMRC announces AML guidance for money service businesses

    The extra guidance explains:

    • when to check where funds have come from in one-off transactions under €15,000
    • due diligence measures where your customer is another MSB
    • whether to apply enhanced due diligence to countries next to high risk regions
    • whether to check the person who receives third party payments
    • what action is required on money transmissions into the UK from overseas
  • 1505/2012

    Our first News item

    Ramparts opened for business on May 01 2012 and we are delighted to announce the publication of our new website - many thanks to Ben Harrison for the design and construction of the website and Oliver Day for assisting with the design, logos and images.



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