Prepaid International Forum

PIF AGM & Summit 2012

The PIF AGM & Summit 2012  which will bring together prepaid industry experts and pioneers to provide members and delegates with:


  • Insights to the implementation of successful prepaid programmes in selected markets including an overview of key factors affecting the growth and financial performance of programmes with references to what has been successful, and what has failed and the complexities of dealing cross-border in Europe;


  • An overview of prepaid market verticals in key markets; general purpose, corporate-funded programmes and B2B, government disbursements and gift;


  • An update on the very latest legal and regulatory developments in Europe and the US including a status report on the PSD Review 2012 and the implementation of the Second E-Money Directive, a review from a prepaid perspective of European AML legislation and the extent to which regulatory scrutiny in the US will impact global prepaid;


  • Issues and emerging trends in prepaid fraud and risk management; how the industry is working to mitigate and prevent fraud in prepaid and current best practice


  • An update on PIF initiatives undertaken in 2011-2012 in areas including consumer and stakeholder education and the re-engineering of the PIF Business Models Matrix.


26-27 September 2012, South Lodge Hotel, West Sussex

Peter Howitt will be a panellist at the Summit. Thanks to the team at PIF for the invitation. Please contact Diane Brockelbank if you would like to attend.


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