Ramparts welcomes James Falero



Ramparts welcomes James Falero to the accounting team


James Falero:"It is an honour to form part of the trend setting work that Ramparts is involved in.  Pushing innovation to the forefront is what I believe brings out the best in people."


Throughout his career of fifteen years, James has gained experience in a multitude of industries. James qualified as a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants in 2013, which is recognised in the UK and Wales, as well as in Gibraltar.


During his time as a qualified accountant, James has had experience in financial control, budgeting and forecasting and the preparation of cash-flows.  In addition to this, James also has experience in drafting financial statements.


Since starting at Ramparts, James has been putting his experience to good use in the firm. He has also been able to expand the services offered by both Ramparts Law and Ramparts Fiduciary to clients.


Peter Howitt: “James has hit the ground running at Ramparts. He is proving to be a great addition to our team for our own financial management requirements and for advising clients in a range of accounting and finance matters. Wish we had found him years ago!”



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