News You Can Use - February 2016


Dear clients and friends,


This is our first ever newsletter and I would like to start by thanking you for your support in the last few years - what a pleasantly surprising and successful journey it has been since I started Ramparts in April 2012. In that time, we have grown from one solitary lawyer (i.e. me!) to 14 lawyers and 20 people based in two territories - Gibraltar and the UK (Manchester).

2016 promises a lot of opportunity to develop new services and increase our usefulness and value-added services for clients. We look forward to developing our business with you this year and beyond. Thank you.

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Ps: I realised that I completely omitted discussion of the so called Brexit risk for the UK (and therefore Gibraltar) potentially leaving the EU. We will cover that in the next newsletter when we are all clearer what a Brexit could look like and the impact on regulated entities, trade and people. Whilst we consider a Brexit unlikely, needless to say our 'European law firm' will push forward its plans to open another office in Europe if a full UK exit from the EU occurs - though we note that Article 50 of the European Treaty provides for a 2 year period in which a withdrawal can be negotiated whilst Treaty rights continue. 



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